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About Inttotal

Inttotal Technologies  is an advanced web application & Software development company  based in Bangalore.

Inttotal Technologies was founded in 2009. Our team currently includes 120 employees and we are expanding swiftly, adding around 15 new employees per month.

We have a rigorous, five-level recruitment process in place to ensure that we find the best talent available. We also have several processes to coach and train our employees so that we provide the highest quality of client service.

We pride ourselves to be able to develop high-level systems and processes that allow us to generate maximum value for our clients.

Our commitment is to ensure employee satisfaction by providing a great work atmosphere and benefits that enable our employees to thrive at Inttotal!

Why you should join Inttotal Technologies ?

Improve your Skill set

Deliver Fast, Secure & Unique Solutions.

Challenging Project

Challenge yourself with Complex Projects.

Java,PHP,Dotnet Certification

Get Certified while on the Job at Inttotal.

Improve Professionalism

Get Trained & Improve your Professionalism.

Opportunity to Visit Abroad

Top Performers get to travel Onsite & Visit Clients.

Best Pay in the Industry

Superlative Salaries Offered to Top Talent.

Maintaining Work – Life Balance

Maintain a Healthy Balance Between Work & Personal Life.

Relaxed Work Environment

Comfortable Workstations Enable you to work better.

Inttotal Technologies  is not for everyone though: to fit in you need good English communication skills and you need to be a self-directed learner who is also enthusiastic about servicing clients. You need to understand our clients and provide solutions that help them become more successful.

Vacancies at Inttotal

  • Develop and maintain highly scalable websites
  • Extensive involvement in all aspects of the project development cycle using PHP7 and OOPSconcepts
  • Participate in Code Review and walkthroughs
  • Participate in sprint planning and effort estimations
  • Complex customised team projects and the opportunity to lead them!
  • Opportunity to work on projects which are mostly from North European clients
  • Independent projects to execute
  • Excellent career growth opportunities

Prior experience of the following is an advantage:

  • Frameworks: Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony
  • Specification and PM tools: Wireframes, Confluence, Trello, JIRA and mockup
  • Cloud hosting & Auto Scaling: Rackspace, Amazon, DigitalOcean, AWS
  • Content Delivery Network and Load Balancers
  • Search engines: Apachesolr, Elastic Search
  • Cache / Data structure store: Redis, Aerospike

Freshers can also Apply

Number of Vacancies : 25

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What do we expect of you?

You are / have:

  • 0-3 years of business to business (B2B) sales experience (preferably Local &  international).
  • Articulate, and possess excellent written and verbal English communication skills.
  • Thrive on the phone and don’t hesitate to reach out (as a major part is researching leads, we don’t foresee more than 10 established calls per day though).
  • Flexible enough to operate in a “360 role” with an inclination to work with a broad range of tasks (see examples below).
  • An open mind and willingness to continuously improve and change old habits. You must be honest to be able to grow through mistake-based learning.
  • Great attitude. You will receive brutally honest feedback through coaching that allows you to grow fast. Stay positive during periods of pressure.
  • Attention to detail: be able to follow instructions and agreed upon guidelines to the T.
  • Commitment. We’re looking for someone to grow with us in the long term.
  • Self-starter with a focus on immediate goals and the desire to build a career.

Main responsibilities

  • Build on our database of prospective clients
  • Research and qualify prospective clients
  • Compose pitch emails to qualified leads
  • Place calls, conduct webcam conference calls.
  • Answer incoming calls from prospective clients.
  • Write proposals together with senior technical staff.
  • Set up developer/consultant interviews with leads.
  • Flesh out marketing material such as project case studies and developer profiles (CVs) based on prospective clients’ needs.
  • Network (e.g. LinkedIn) and strive to convert connections into clients.

Other responsibilities

You would spend 90% of your time on the aforementioned business development tasks. Below is a list of broader tasks that you might be asked to work on. However, it will depend on your capabilities and areas of interest as well.

  • Develop new marketing ideas that could work in tandem with our existing procedures.
  • Though most meetings are done over webcam, there might be opportunities to travel (typically to Europe).
  • Content marketing.
  • Partner with clients to grow their business find solutions that truly add value to their businesses. Nurture existing clients and check in for feedback.
  • Recruitment: Help build strategies and processes to help Inttotal  attract, engage and nurture talent before they apply for a job. Convince top talent to join us.
  • Website updates: Refine and improve our Unique Selling Points/punchlines/pitch.
  • Social media and content marketing: Every potential partner – whether prospective client, candidate, sales consultants, investors or others – will google our company name. Add high-quality and relevant content to our website, blog and social media outlets.

Freshers can also Apply

Number of Vacancies : 18

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