Why Inttotal

Talent; 90% of your success depends on it.

We hire top 1% of applicants.

The single most important factor for the success of your software project is the team and talent that you hire. You need smart developers who understands your business.

At Inttotal Technologies , we not only recruit great programmers; we search hard to find developers with great communication skills, the right attitude and who understands user-friendliness.

Two full-time recruiters work 8 hours per day with the sole purpose of finding the best of the best. Learn more about our recruitment process.

We are committed to service quality excellence.

Don’t waste time micro-managing developers.

A common complaint when it comes to professional services in general, is the difficulty of working with “those other guys”.

At Inttotal Technologies  we embrace service quality at all times; we aim to answer your questions before you’ve even asked them.

Clear estimates, achieved deadlines, frequent yet concise reports, and much much more. The service quality concept is one of our four core principles.


Smart valuable features.

Your project will be a success only if we pay extreme attention to making features user-friendly and exceptionally valuable to end-users.

Our developers are continuously being trained and coached on how to deliver more user-friendly, smarter and more valuable features.

Our programmers are not only concentrated on programming; they think from the end user’s perspective, to make your application user-friendly.

No need to micro-manage

We push solutions forward

Our staff understands that your time should be focused on your business instead of managing a software development project.

We will push your project forward, focus on your business goals and try to save you as much time as possible. We take initiative to implement smart features.

We don’t ask unnecessary questions. We aim to maximize the value you get from our services.

Great code

Fast, safe and scalable solutions.

Expert project leaders with system architecture experience do code reviews. Deliverables live up to tough standards on code and architecture.

We deliver well-refactored code which results in fast, safe and scalable solutions.

We use well-known Programming Languages , like PHP,Dot Net,Java etc to keep the codebase clean. Relax knowing that you can easily change software developers at any time.

Project planning

The right foundation means everything.

Crucial decisions are taken when starting your development project. What type of foundation will give your users the best experience at minimal cost?

Project leaders and system architects will plan your project to make it scalable, fast and secure. It will have a smart foundation, saving you money.

What framework and database? What existing solutions can be reused to minimize costs? Contact an experienced consultant.

Efficient communication with Indian project leaders

Avoid expensive local consultants.

Many outsourcing companies work with local project leaders in your country. Instead, we focus on recruiting the best and coaching them.

This saves money. Time is also saved by avoiding an extra consultant. The risk of middleman-misunderstandings is reduced.

We do everything to make the communication flawless between our Indian project leaders and rich-world clients.

100% transparency

Minimize administration.

Our motto is to be 100% transparent. Time is reported in extreme detail and on a daily basis. You know exactly what you’re paying for.

Work progress, time entries and invoices are always very detailed and clear. You never have to ask for details. Work is billed hourly.

Both of us can focus on making your project a success, rather than wasting time on administrative discussions.

Agile development method

The features your end users need, fast!

This method keeps each development phase (sprint) short. The aim is to deliver incrementally and frequently.

Benefits are that you can re-evaluate often and align priorities with actual business goals.

New features are launched quickly, boosting your ability to stay ahead of the competition. Learn more about agile development.